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    SCD TECHNICAL Service is the leading provider of Water Tank Cleaning.

    A water tank cleaning service in Dubai is necessary because people receive water through tanks or pumps. Unfortunately, pollution in Dubai makes it easier for bacteria and other harmful contaminants to live in and spread in water tanks. Consequently, that means you can’t drink that water because legionella and other contagious disease lurk within water tanks, which is why it’s vital to clean them every six months.
    SCD TECHNICAL Service provides Water Tank Cleaning services in Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lake Tower (JLT), Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Living, and call around 15 km Meadows Springs Villa, Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, Town Square Arabian Ranches, Damac Hills one and two. Contact us anytime to get the services done and lead a happy family life.

    Wisely Choose Your Water Tank Cleaning Company in Dubai

    Cleaning Water Tanks is not a legal requirement. It’s a basic human need in Dubai. However, only a few companies have been certified by the Dubai Municipality with the best standards possible. When your water tank needs to be cleaned, consulting with the best water tank cleaning company can relieve you from being worried about safe water resources. SCD TECHNICAL Service Dubai has the best fully equipped experts to help you clean water at affordable prices. We perform tank cleaning services in all types of water tanks like plastic and Cement Tanks.

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    Hire Experts to Make your Water Tank Safe

    Hire Experts to Make your Water Tank Safe

    • There are a few things that you need to know before hiring a reliable Water Tank Service provider.
    • Check if the company is Dubai Municipality approved.
    • Check if the company employees understand your needs and provide your solutions quickly.
    • Check if they have the right tools and equipment.
    • Check if they know what disinfections they need to clean up the water tanks.
    • Thoroughly check the reviews and directly call the service Centre to know about their experiences.

    Our Water Tank Cleaning Service

    Learn the reasons why people choose SCD TECHNICAL Service for cleaning water tanks in Dubai:
    Water Storage Tank Inspection:
    The preliminary examination of the equipment and execution of the procedure and tools.
    Water Pressure Water and Mechanical cleansing of Water Tank:
    Apply the mechanical cleansing solutions and rinse them off with washer pressure, which helps remove the contaminants.
    Tank Cleansing and Disinfection:
    Maintain the inner surface of the tank, where customers’ raw water is stored and cleansed with disinfectant’s help.
    Submersible Dirty Water Pump:
    An electric submersible water pump will be used to eliminate all surface contamination.
    Evidence Review:
    At the end of the procedure, the SCD TECHNICAL Service shows their efforts to clients so they can see the before and after pictures of the tank cleaning giving a visual evaluation of the provided service.

    Benefits of Water Tank Cleaning

    Improved Water Quality: Our professional water tank cleaners will help improve the water quality by eliminating the contaminated particles.
    Reduced Repair Bills: While your tank is being cleaned, our professionals will evaluate and do some search on the other equipment like sanction pipes and float valves. We may further desire to inspect further, fix, or replace potentially faulty pipes and valves that may prevent timely maintenance requests.
    Better Health: According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a recent report estimated that 3.4 million people annually are unable to do any work due to water-borne diseases. Simple measures to flush your water tanks help reduce the risk of such illnesses.
    Better Tank Life: Regularly maintaining the water tanks is important for a safe and sanitary water storage system and helps increase the tank’s longevity.

    Get The Best Cleaning Water Tank Service Now!

    SCD TECHNICAL Service is a company pledged to serve humans on their everyday household issues in Dubai. It is one of the few tank cleaning companies in the different parts of UAE to provide the service to hundreds of households weekly. They provide services in Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lake Tower (JLT), Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Living, and call around 15 km Meadows Springs Villa, Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, Town Square Arabian Ranches, Damac Hills one and two.
    Many people don’t know when their tank needs to be cleaned. According to the Dubai Municipality, we should clean the water tanks yearly. Our water tank services include:

    • Draining tank
    • Dislodging and removing residue
    • Decontaminating, scrubbing, and using a water pressure washer
    • Drying and refilling the tank.
    • Contact us to learn more about our services!
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    According to many Cleaning Professionals and experts, it is recommended that water tanks should be cleaned and services once a year, although some suggest that cleaning water too much can be dangerous to us because of the chemicals used to cleanse the water tank, so cleaning the tanks after 2-3 years would be better.
    A water disinfection kit is used to eliminate possible water-borne diseases over time. The most common substance used to disinfect the water tank is chlorine. Chlorine has been used to eliminate bacteria and alga that might cause disease in a water tank. It also sanitizes water and incubates ammonia into a useful form.
    Because of unclean water tank reservoirs, impurities in the water may lead to contamination, and each such poisoning can cause server diseases to people, including cholera and dysentery.
    The companies make hot water heaters and tank boilers of metallic parts that corrode when exposed to chemicals. They also dissolved solidly and were wasted more quickly than cold water. When the water is boiled, it dissolves all the solid poisons, making it more contagious. Boiling does not remove contaminants; rather, it worsens when hot water leads from the pipes made of metal. Hence, drinking the tank water after boiling would be riskier and cause many severe diseases.